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Spring Updates at Chavez Bronzeworks

News and information about Chavez Bronze Works happenings.

Welcome to my new website! I have to thank my talented daughter Andrea for her management skills–she has the skills to get the paper work out on time and many other tasks that I always seem to let slip by. I am so grateful for her help. I am so thankful for My wonderful patient husband Phil who I could not be with out.  He is the muscle and the organizer that gets me to my events on time, he helps with everything behind the scenes and is truly my partner in this endevour and in life! Having both of them in my life has allowed me to keep sculpting without much interruption.
We just got back from the La Quinta Art Show.  I was amazed at all the great fellow artists that were showing their work–I was proud to be among them. My next art show is the Cattleman’s Art Show in Paso Robles which is coming up the first weekend in April. I have two new sculptures–“Dog Paddle” three dogs in a canoe, the first dog is my ol’ Shorty boy.  He was a Basset Hound and Lab mix–a “Bassador” :).  I miss him  very much he was my buddy for 13 years. The middle dog is Deuce, my youngest daughter’s dog.  He was a sweet male boxer who kept me company on many walks.  He had a sweet personality, we miss him also. The third dog is Sadie.  I call her Crazy Sadie.  She  is my oldest daughter’s dog.  She loves her walks but she is hard to keep up with, she is well trained to hunt birds rather than go on walks, but I do take her occasionally and she gets very excited–kind of crazy!
I have another new sculpture that I just finished yesterday “Handsome Jack”.  I sculpted a lot of him at the La Quinta Show many  people are waiting to see how he turned out, he has handsome oversized ears and feet.
Both of these sculptures are on my “Works in Progress” page and I am offering a precast special on each for a short time,  contact me if you would like pricing details .
Thank you for your support!
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